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100% Roselle Hibiscus (Bissap) Seed Oil: Certified Organic, Cold-Pressed

100% Roselle Hibiscus (Bissap) Seed Oil: Certified Organic, Cold-Pressed

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Dive into the opulence of Hibiscus Seed Oil, a natural treasure celebrated for its extraordinary benefits for both the face and body. This locally cherished oil, extracted from the finest hibiscus seeds of Tambacounda, is a source of pure indulgence and transformative beauty enriched with a myriad of soothing acids and protective vitamins.


Rich in anthocyanins and phenolic acids, this oil becomes your ultimate defence against UVB-induced skin damage while providing anti-inflammatory effects. Unlock the secrets of organic acids found abundantly in this oil. These gentle exfoliators encourage cell turnover, unveiling a smoother skin texture, promoting an even skin tone, and supporting skin elasticity.

For your hair, the powerhouse of amino acids triggers the production of keratin, the essential building block for healthy hair growth. With soothing organic acids, our Hibiscus Seed Oil nourishes your scalp and treats dandruff, whilst vitamin C enhances blood circulation to the scalp, stimulating new hair growth and providing the nourishment your locks deserve.


For Skin:

Massage directly into damp skin after cleansing and use as a massage oil prior to dry brushing.

For Hair:

Massage into scalp and hair, can be left overnight prior to washing.

Care Advice

For external use on skin and hair only

We recommend to patch test this product prior to use and discontinue if irritation occurs

Plant-based oils will begin to solidify in cooler temperatures and may appear cloudy, if this occurs place in a warmer environment to reliquefy

Store out of direct sunlight

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