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100% Baobab Seed Oil: Certified Organic, Cold-Pressed

100% Baobab Seed Oil: Certified Organic, Cold-Pressed

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Discover the transformative power of Baobab Seed Oil derived from the ancient Baobab trees of Senegal. Indulge your skin and hair in the nourishing benefits of this extraordinary oil, rich in vitamins and minerals that unveil radiant beauty.


Enriched with vitamin C, Baobab oil becomes a vital catalyst for enhanced collagen synthesis, fostering improved hydration and elasticity for plump and radiant skin. This vital ingredient's potency is further amplified by the harmonious partnership it shares with vitamin E, together forming a dynamic duo that not only combats UV damage but also accelerates the skin repair process, effectively addressing concerns like hyperpigmentation. Alongside these efforts, the anti-inflammatory property of zinc reinforces your skin barrier’s integrity, regulates moisture levels, and promotes the revitalisation of skin tissue.

Transitioning to hair care, the collaborative benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and zinc regulates sebum production, thereby eliminating dandruff and soothing dry, itchy scalps. Vitamin A’s role in regulating sebum production ensures your scalp's health and hydration, ultimately fostering hair that boasts greater strength and thickness. The protective embrace of vitamin E casts a shield against oxidative stress, amplifying shine, and encouraging healthy hair growth. As you immerse yourself in the wonders of our Baobab Seed Oil, you'll experience not just the transformation of your hair but also the nurturing embrace of a healthy scalp environment.


For Skin:

Apply a few drops to skin after cleansing and massage in until fully absorbed.

For Hair:

Use as a protecting pre-shampoo treatment, warm oil and massage into scalp, comb through the length of the hair to ensure it is distributed evenly.

Care Advice

For external use on skin and hair only

We recommend to patch test this product prior to use and discontinue if irritation occurs

Plant-based oils will begin to solidify in cooler temperatures and may appear cloudy, if this occurs place in a warmer environment to reliquefy

Store out of direct sunlight

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